Antoniotti Chiropractic, LLC History

On March 1st, 2014 Antoniotti Chiropractic, LLC celebrated its 50th anniversary as a family owned Kalamazoo, Michigan business.  In 1963 Dr. Albert Antoniotti, (grandfather to Dr. Steve Antoniotti), purchased an office building at the intersection of Portage and Lovers Lane in Kalamazoo.  On the first day of March 1964, Antoniotti Chiropractic Offices were born with Dr. Albert Antoniotti as head Chiropractic Physician and Clinic Director.  

In 1974 Dr. David Antoniotti, (son to Dr. Albert Antoniotti and uncle to Dr. Steve Antoniotti), joined Antoniotti Chiropractic Offices as an Associate Chiropractic Physician.  Dr. Albert and Dr. Dave provided Chiropractic care to the Kalamazoo community for five years before an unforeseen illness took the life of Dr. Albert Antoniotti in 1979.  This tragedy led to Dr. David immediately becoming head Chiropractic Physician and overall Clinic Director.

Dr. David Antoniotti practiced at this location until the early 1990's when the continued growth of business allowed for him to move to a larger office.  In 1991 Antoniotti Chiropractic Offices relocated to its current location on South Westnedge Ave., just south of Howard and at the bottom of the Westnedge Hill neighborhood.  In 2011 Antoniotti Chiropractic Offices officially became Antoniotti Chiropractic, LLC.

In early 2014, Dr.'s Steve and Kate Antoniotti joined the team as Associate Chiropractic Physicians for about a month while transitioning to purchase Antoniotti Chiropractic, LLC on January 31st from Dr. Dave.  Since that time, Dr.'s Steve and Kate Antoniotti have been head Chiropractic Physicians and Clinic Directors of Antoniotti Chiropractic, LLC.

Dr.'s Steve and Kate are honored to carry on 50 years of Chiropractic excellence in the Kalamazoo community and plan on staying in the current location for many years to come.  The practice, which Dr. Albert Antoniotti started, Dr. David Antoniotti built, and Dr.'s Steve and Kate Antoniotti will continue, is in a prime position to remain Kalamazoo's premier Chiropractic center.  

As the above information shows, Antoniotti and Chiropractic care go hand in hand.  Antoniotti Chiropractic, LLC has been in business for 50 years but Chiropractic was started in the family back in 1927 with the graduation of Dr. Albert Antoniotti's father-in-law, (Dr. Leo Grosshans).  Since that time, a total of 13 Chiropractors occupy the Antoniotti family tree.