Amanda Goeman

Beth McNett-Rasler

Office Assistant

I was born in Marshall, MI and raised in Bellevue until the end of 7th grade. At the beginning of my 8th grade year, we moved to Union City where I attended and graduated Union City High School in 2009. After graduation, I moved to Kalamazoo to further my education at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Shortly after starting college, I was diagnosed with my second benign brain tumor. Finding it difficult after the second surgery to focus and keep my grades up, I decided to put a hold on school and focus more on work.

In 2010, a couple months after recovery, I got a job at Gale's True Value Hardware in Kalamazoo, MI. After working at Gale's and gaining a massive amount of knowledge, I felt it was time for a change. In June of 2017, I started working for some amazing and caring doctors at Antoniotti Chiropractic. Going to a chiropractor since I was a young child has helped me with knowing the "magic" these doctors can work. It had also made me even more excited to know that I am a part of getting other people the care that they need and deserve.

On another note, my partner Brendan and I have just recently purchased our first home where we will be starting our own family. We will be expecting our first child November 2017. Being pregnant, and being able to work so closely with Dr. Kate, she has helped me feel more excited and comfortable with being a new mom. The doctors at this office genuinely care and make it their priority to help others feel at home when they walk through those doors. I love working here and feeling the positive energy when I walk in every day.