Denise Franklin

Although I am a new face in the office, I am not new to chiropractic. I was introduced to chiropractic just under ten years ago when a friend noticed that I was having back issues.  Once my back was “feeling better”, I stopped treatment.  It wasn’t until a couple years later, while working for a chiropractor, that my eyes were opened to the countless and amazing health benefits chiropractic care is able to provide physically, emotionally, and mentally…strengthening the immune system, boosting moods, and decreasing anxiety to name a few!

For over 40 years, the Kalamazoo/Portage area has been my home. I attended St. Augustine’s and Hackett before leaving for Central Michigan University.  Upon my return, I worked for First of America Bank while taking classes at WMU.  To strengthen my roots and ties, I began volunteering with local organizations and eventually my sons’ schools and sports teams.

Being a mom of three boys keeps me hopping.  Their hobbies and interests vary, but I consider Matthew to be my mechanic/chef; Alex to be the fun-loving jock; and Nathan to be my science buff who loves to debate just about anything.  My usual partner in crime is my amazing boyfriend “Smalls” (Dave).  According to him and several of his students, he is one of the “funniest and coolest” teachers you’ll ever meet.  Outside of the office, you’ll find me at Portage Central baseball and football games, downtown enjoying the festivals, and sitting around the fire with friends singing for all to hear.

My family, friends, music, and sense of humor have helped me overcome many hurdles in life.  I am excited to now be a part of the Antoniotti “family”.  The genuine concern and support that I’ve have been shown by Dr. Steve, Dr. Kate, Dr. Luke, and Beth has left me speechless at times.  To see that same sincerity expressed for our patients tells me that I am in the right place to make a difference in people’s lives.

I don’t have many regrets in life, however, one of my greatest is that I was not introduced to chiropractic care sooner.  Now, I am an advocate and look for opportunities to share my experience and promote a natural approach to health and wellness.  So, please feel free to talk with me or ask me questions.

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