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I am a Kalamazoo native. I grew up in Schoolcraft, and attended WMU. I was an athlete throughout high school; playing ice hockey, football, and track & field. Being involved in sports and leading an active lifestyle has always played a huge role in my life. My love for sports and being active from a young age is what developed my drive to learn more about our body and how it functions.

After graduating Schoolcraft High School, I decided to follow my interest in anatomy and kinesiology through WMU’s Exercise Science program, where I earned my B.Sc. degree. It was an amazing program and expanded my knowledge of how the body can perform at a high level. Aside from the normal curricular schedule at WMU I was involved in the exercise science club helping to promote the program and raise money.

I started receiving chiropractic care when I was young after falling off a jungle gym, landing flat on my back where a root had come out of the ground. Being a young active kid I was good to go after a short series of adjustments. As sports increased in competitiveness and intensity I quickly found the benefit to staying under maintenance care especially before and after a big game or meet. Once realizing my body’s potential that only chiropractic had been able to help tap into, I knew this was something I would do for the rest of my life.

I had experienced the amazing improvement in physical function that chiropractic could provide, but had no knowledge of its potential to restore brain and whole-body function. After looking at and applying to many of the amazing schools around the country I decided to go where chiropractic was founded. Davenport Iowa is where my wife and I spent the next 4 years of our life where I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. While there I was able to gain a true appreciation of the philosophy, art, and science of chiropractic. I also spent time outside of class learning how to work with extremities, rehabilitative exercises, and the newest techniques in the field today.

When I’m not at the office, you can find me at home with my beautiful wife Nicole and 2 daughters, Sophia and Everly. Outside of home and the clinic I enjoy playing hockey, hunting, and anything to do with the outdoors. We are so excited to be back in the place we call home and have the ability to reconnect with the community while providing them with a truly amazing form of healthcare.

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