Testimonials From Some of Our Satisfied Patients

There is no greater satisfaction as chiropractors in Kalamazoo than making a positive impact on our patients’ lives. Our family practice is honored to have served the community through chiropractic care for over fifty years. On this page you will find testimonials we have received from some of our satisfied patients. If you would like to submit a review for this page, click here.

Providing amazing services to patients

Dr Steve and Dr Kate provide amazing services to their patients. Their high energy and passion for their work comes through in each adjustment. They truly care for their patients’ well-being in all aspects. I love how they work with you to really pinpoint your concerns and make sure you are healthy and getting the best care possible.


This is not your average chiropractic office

I have been seeing Dr. Kate Antoniotti five months and couldn’t be happier! My initial exam before adjustments began was over an hour long, handled by both Dr. Steve and Dr. Kate. It was not only thorough, but also very informative and educational. They use the most current equipment and techniques for their initial assessment. After beginning treatment, I was please to find out that this is NOT your average chiropractic office. Dr. Kate uses a number of modalities to assess and correct misalignments. Treatment does not merely consist of a quick pop of the neck or back. Several techniques are employed, IF they are found to be necessary. Assessment ALWAYS takes place before any adjustments. I can definitely tell that my body is working much better since I began treatment. Also, Beth at the front desk is great!

Carolyn B.

I would never go anywhere else

I’ve been going to the office for several years now. The staff is super helpful when scheduling and always remembers my preferences. The two new doctors are so knowledgeable and fun! I see Dr. Kate now and LOVE her! She patiently listens to me — really LISTENS, and offers great advice along with her adjustments. I’m so happy to be her patient! The fact that they have an attached massage facility next door is a huge perk. I have tried other chiropractors and now would never go anywhere else.

Rachel W.

Dr. Kate has been such an inspiration in my life

Dr. Kate has helped me tremendously and has been such an inspiration… in my life. I have not been able to run in over 20 years due to “permanent” running injuries. With the help of Dr. Kate, I am now running 3 miles 4 times a week. Plus, I have learned how nerves affect not only pain, but your muscles and organs. I have had kidney and blood issues but I am and have never felt healthier. The chiropractic medicine is so much more than “cracking your spine” or the image that traditional westerners get. It truly involves the health and well-being of your entire body and mind. Western medicine offered me pain killers but no solution. Dr. Kate is healing me so that I can run as I so love to do as well as feel healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. I believe that every single person could benefit from going to a chiropractor like Dr. Kate or her husband Dr. Steve Antoniotti. If you are in Indy, go to Gallagher Chiropractic on 96th Street behind Scotty’s Brewhouse. They all practice with the same methodology. If you are close to Kalamazoo, MI, you will get the privilege of being treated by Dr. Kate or her husband Dr. Steve Antoniotti. I don’t normally endorse stuff but I feel SO STRONGLY about this that I think it would be a disservice not to. Love Dr. Kate!!

Debi J.

Dr. Steve understands my needs

What a pleasure it was to have Dr. Steve take the time to understand my needs and with the x-rays and simple work up he was able to customize a plan for me to maximize the benefit of Chiropractic care.

David L.

The staff is like family

I have been amazed at the changes in my body since becoming a patient at Antoniotti Chiropractic. The entire staff are more like family members, who really care, then just a doctors office. Dr.Kate is amazing! My body feels amazing! Thanks Dr Kate!!


After just a few visits I noticed improvement

After falling off a ladder almost two years ago I experienced extreme pain in my back and hip. X-rays showed no broken bones. Physical therapy didn’t help and the doctor prescribed medication had unacceptable side effects. A friend recommended Antoniotti Chiropractic. I was skeptical but I needed to get some sleep. After my initial consultation, X-rays and three of four visits I noticed an improvement. Now I’m pain free and play golf, bowl and exercise pain free. Thanks Antoniotti Chiropractic, give it a try.


The staff and services are a blessing

I can’t say enough great things about the staff and the services my family receives from Antoniotti Chiropractic. They are a huge blessing in our life!

Dr. Kate is incredible. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and I have learned so much from her. She provided chiropractic care for me through out the end of my pregnancy and knew exactly what my body needed to prepare for child birth. She has been adjusting our son since he was 3 days old. We stopped at the office on our way home from the hospital! I have complete trust in her with my son’s health and have noticed a huge difference in him after he sees Dr. Kate. She is so gentle, yet confident when caring for him. She has been adjusting me ever since giving birth and has helped me in many ways. She takes her time with you and makes you feel important and she listens to your needs and thoroughly answers your questions. You can see her dedication and excitement for what she does every time you walk in the door.

My husband’s first experience with chiropractic care has been with Dr. Steve and he is hooked! He has noticed a HUGE difference in his health and how he feels, especially sitting at a desk every day for work. With both Dr. Steve and Dr. Kate, they build long term relationships with their patients and we feel so comfortable with them. And the office manager, Beth, is also wonderful. We love seeing her every time we come in and she is so helpful when it comes to scheduling and billing.


Dr. Kate and Dr. Steve are young and innovative

I have wanted to write a review for a while now, but wanted to give it the thought and time it was due.

As a long-time chiropractic patient in a number of different offices throughout the years, I have experienced those who were very methodical (same treatment each time, without much evaluation of needs), and only a couple (exactly 2 offices in over 20 years) who were not only gifted in assessment and treatment, but incredibly intuitive as well.

From the time you enter the office, you are greeted like a long-time friend from Beth, who runs the office. As someone with a very busy schedule, I have had to call Beth and reschedule appointments, often with less notice than I would like. She is always understanding of those situations and finds a way to make sure I can get in.

I have worked with Dr. Steve (Antoniotti) and Dr. Kate (Antoniotti) in different capacities and both are incredibly knowledgeable and have the “bedside manner” that brings you back each time.

Dr. Kate is my primary doctor. As someone who started treatment just after being released from lengthy physical therapy care for a bulging disc in my neck that was still a work in progress, Dr. Kate was incredibly sensitive to my fear of anyone touching my neck. Over the last year of care, the bulging disc has resolved. Often, as she has assessed my pain and range of motion. She has noticed muscular issues that likely contribute to issues with my neck, and has taken significant extra time to utilize pressure point work and muscle release techniques (typically utilized by massage therapists) to help my recovery.

When I have come in stressed (which obviously hinders neck/shoulder recovery), she has not only provided a listening ear, but has suggested different supplements that are known to help. She has never pushed any of these supplements (which has happened at other offices – a total turn off to me), but has educated me and has suggested that if something didn’t work, simply bring back for a total refund – NO pressure.

I was so impressed by the care that I have received, I even had my daughter start treatment. Dr. Kate is amazing with children and explaining every detail of what she is doing and why. My daughter begs to go.

Dr. Kate and Dr. Steve are young and innovative, and have the most current techniques at their disposal. I have never been more impressed with the results of chiropractic care, than those provided by this office. Additionally, you couldn’t find more ethical, warm, professional practitioners and human beings. I have never felt this strongly about encouraging anyone in the greater Kalamazoo area to try Antoniotti Chiropractic. Once you go, you’ll never leave.


Our softball team learned a ton and had a blast

Dr. Kate from Antoniotti Chiropractic came to work with our travel softball organization for one hour. I was really impressed by her knowledge of the adolescent, female body. She, along with personal trainer Trinity Kelly, taught the girls proper push up, squat, and other great exercise form. Even as a lifelong athlete, I learned a ton about how to teach my players about keeping their backs healthy. After they put us through a brief workout, it seemed like magic as they knew what injuries each girl had faced just by looking at them. Dr. Kate was able to notice slight details and correctly figure out what pain they have had in the past. I would highly recommend these two for work. Not only did we learn a ton, but we also had a blast working out and trying their suggested exercises.

Coach A, 14I, Travel Softball Coach

Thorough and thoughtful with every patient

Antoniotti Chiropractic is a blessing for people of all ages, health statuses, fitness levels, and walks of life. Dr.Kate and Dr.Steve make a wonderful team for chiropractic health. They are thorough and thoughtful of each patient as an individual. It is like having 2 doctors’ minds working to help better each patient. The receptionist, Beth, is knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. Beth knows the insurances inside and out. She is a gentle and kind person to talk to about my needs when I’m calling for help. I have been a patient of Antoniotti Chiropractic for many years. I always leave there feeling better than I was before. I recommend Antoniotti Chiropractic to anyone looking to feel better and whole.


Shout out to MamaCore Kalamazoo

Must give a huge shout out to Dr. Kate Antoniotti and her class MamaCoreKzoo.
It’s been 3 years since I was pregnant. 3 Years.

As a result of all of my pregnancies and especially the last two my core lacked strength (significantly) and had a severe separation in my abs (DR) that I have had since I was prego with Ethan. I called it my ‘fin’.

There is a lack of knowledge and how to properly heal a postpartum core among the general population and the fitness industry. Just say No to planking.

Over the last 10 weeks I have attended this class (I actually missed 3 and had to leave early for 4 of them and NEVER did my homework) Thru the mindful movements she coaches the class thru over the 10 weeks- it has healed and sealed my abs back together (Its actually pretty low key too- nothing hard core.) It’s amazing what is done for my strength and even muscle definition.

I know I have a lot of mammas on my friends list. Check out the page (even if you aren’t local there may be a class near you) and her class! Buh bye Mum Tum and all the other things that go along with tight hips and weak muscles.

Thank You Kate for having this vision and passion and bringing it here!


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