Spinal Stability Exercises

In our most recent posts, we shared the basic exercises for strengthening your core and improving the health of your spine. But, if you are like our friends at Crossfit269, you may want to go deeper and get more detailed exercise progressions.

If it sounds like we are reading your mind, then this post is for you!

Last Saturday, Dr. Steve taught a Spinal Stability workshop at Crossfit269. He explained the anatomy of the spine, the purpose and function of the “core”, and the specific exercises to accomplish a strong core and stable spine. This blog post will share the exercises from his presentation.

So, why is this important? Or better yet, why would someone take the time out of his or her Saturday to learn about the spine? To put it simply: the quality of your life is directly dependent on the health of your spine. So, whether you are a couch potato, weekend warrior, competitive athlete, or anything in between – you only get one spine, and now is the best time to start taking care of it.

Below you will find a very specific set of exercises that will strengthen your core and build spinal stability. The progressions move from level 1 to 5, beginner to advanced. Dr. Steve discussed and demonstrated these during his workshop, and we hope to add video examples soon!

(Please note: The exercises described below were demonstrated by Dr. Steve and Dr. Kate at the Spinal Stability Class. If you were not there, or if you just need a refresher, please ask us to go through these exercises with you next time you are at the office.)