The Most WonderFULL Time of the Year

We are about to enter into the most wonderFULL time of year. It begins on Friday with Halloween candy everywhere. Then the unavoidable Thanksgiving stuffing (literally), followed by our sweetly over-served holiday parties, with treats and cookies and cakes sprinkled in the mix. And by New Years Day our bodies are overfed and overwhelmed, and we find ourselves resolving to get healthy, lose weight, and exercise. Just like last year. Sound familiar?

The frustrating truth is that the average American gains between one and five pounds over the holidays, and never loses it.(1) According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the most commonly made, and rarely accomplished new years resolution is: to lose weight. This statistic has remained the same for over twenty years.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

So, instead of blindly stepping into the familiar merriment of the seasonal stuffing that awaits us all, why not do something a little different this year?

What am I proposing, you ask? Well, since I have a tendency to jump into the technical talk – let me first set the table (get it?) with an analogy.

Let’s say you are planning on going on a 2 month cross-country road trip. You are going to hit up all your favorite destinations along the way. A Halloween party in Candyland, Ohio. Thanksgiving with your whole family in Pumpkinpie, Tennessee. Your company’s holiday party in Cocktail, Missouri. Your spouse’s company party in Pecanpie, Colorado. Your family’s Christmas gathering in Honeybakedham, Utah. And the big New Years Eve party in Champagne, California…

It’s obviously going to be a great time, and of course you are excited. But, before you hit the road, may I recommend you get your car tuned up? Get your oil changed, engine checked, fuel injector inspected, your wheels rotated, and check the alignment. All of this is needed before you start your adventure!

It’s going to be a long haul, and unfortunately you can’t trade this car in.

Do you see where I am going with this? What if this year, we all tuned-up before the long haul of the holidays?

What if instead entering into the holiday season like we have in years past (unconsciously, without giving thought to our health in the beginning, only to regret our decisions and resolve to change when the ball drops, hitting the gym with the crowds in January only to find ourselves struggling and unmotivated by February)…

What if we interrupted this predictable pattern before the madness begins?

Would you be willing to commit seven days to tuning up before the holidays begin?

Dr. Steve and I hope you will join us as we tune up our health.

If you are interested, or just want to learn more, please join us at our office, on Thursday November 6th at 6:30pm for our Detox with the Docs presentation.

To be continued…

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Cheers to your healthiest holidays and your happiest New Year!